Our tours offer a mix of group sightseeing and meals, a writing class every couple of days, and free time to explore and work on your travel tales. To maintain high quality writing lessons, we limit each group to 12 participants.

Our Itineraries and Travel Philosophy

Globejotter Tours are travel adventures and creative writing classes all rolled into one! Our primary focus is getting out in the world and having fun, enriching cultural experiences. Along the way, we teach you how to write travel journals, essays, stories, and memoirs that will keep your journeys bright in your memory for years to come. Our groups are small – never more than 12 tour members – to enable greater interaction in our writing classes, and access to the cultures we visit.

Globejotter’s founder, Dave Fox, got started in both traveling and writing at age seven, and he’s been doing both passionately ever since. He leads and coordinates all of our trips, and teaches writing classes along the way. He partners with local guides and other experts for the exploration and cultural parts of our journeys, and strives to help our trip participants immerse themselves as deeply in the local culture as possible.

Why combine travel with writing classes? Dave’s been teaching travel journaling and creative writing classes for many years, and he has encountered a recurring theme among would-be travel journalers: Frustration. Many people who try to write travel diaries feel that their writing falls flat, failing to capture the full essence of their journeys. Others simply can’t find time to write in the middle of their exciting adventures, and come home with mostly-empty notebooks. Dave has solutions to those problems, and he loves sharing them. Most people rely on photography to remember their trips, and while we think photography is great, it can also be limiting. When done right, there is so much you can capture in words that you can’t capture through the confines of your viewfinder.

Globejotter Tours stresses sustainable, culturally sensitive travel that respects the places and people we visit. We see international tourism as having the potential for a healthy exchange of ideas between people of different lifestyles and backgrounds. We hate seeing travelers who treat the places they visit as places to be critiqued from a self-centered perspective. Other people’s realities are as real to them as ours are to us. On Globejotter Tours, we dive deep into the cultures we visit, yet we tread lightly and always remember that we are the foreigners.


How about a romp in Mui Ne’s windswept sand dunes?


In partnership with The Wild Source, an African safari company, Globejotter Tours had its first Botswana writing safari last winter, and the trip was a roaring success! We're repeating the adventure in March, 2011. Prices start at US $4,895 per person based on double occupancy. This includes accommodations in three deluxe safari camps in the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert plus one night at a three-star hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa; all meals and beverages; private bush plane flights into the Okavango camps; laundry services in the camps and lodges; lots of game drives led by local wildlife experts; a day with the Kalahari Bushmen; and a lot more. If you have a group of six or more people, we can also put together a private safari and tailor it around dates that work for you. (We can sometimes accommodate groups of four.)

Southern Vietnam

Our next trip to Vietnam is tentatively scheduled for November, 2011.

North America

In 2011, we hope to start offering three- or four-day weekend getaways in the US and Canada. Our first American “Writing Safari” took place in Seattle in 2009. We hope to have another Seattle story writing workshop sometime soon. We’re also looking into other US destinations rich in stories — San Francisco? New York? New Orleans? Or how about Vegas? Stay tuned to this website, or subscribe to our e-mail list for the latest!

Old traditions thrive on the Mekong River. A curious merchant of the future peeks through the window of a family houseboat.


Planet Earth is a big and exciting place. We’ve always got new ideas percolating. If there are other destinations you’d like to see offered – Europe, South America, the South Pacific perhaps? – drop us an e-mail and let us know.

Custom Trips

Have you got a group of people you like enough to travel with? Whether it’s an extended family, a writers’ group, your synchronized swimming team, or just the pals you hang out at down at your local pub, we can custom-design trips for small groups, with or without writing classes. Let us know how many people you have and where you want to go, and we’ll see what we can wrangle together. (And hey… if you can get together a group of 10 people or more, we can give you your tour for free! This also applies to the itineraries we also offer in Vietnam and Botswana.)